How to Measure

How do I measure my pet, wrist or ankle??

-> Click here for a downloadable measuring tape.

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Please measure around your pet’s neck (or your wrist or ankle) with a soft tape measure. Measure the exact size that you determine your pet’s neck (not tight; not loose) or your wrist or ankle to be. I will then add 1/2″ to 1″ on top of actual measurement for comfort and style.  For pets please purchase our pearls according to your pet’s neck size, NOT the collar size.

Unfortunately, there are no standards in measurements. For a more accurate fit, all of our pearls list the actual size of neck, wrist or ankle.  Keep in mind that when selecting a size, I will then add 1/2″ to 1″ to your measurement for comfort and style.

If measurement falls between two sizes or at the top of the size range, please select the larger size.  For a custom fit please include your pet’s neck measurement, your wrist measurement or ankle measurement with your order WITHOUT adding anything to it.  I will then allow for the proper amount of slack.

Still not sure about which size is the best?

We encourage you to contact us and let us walk you through finding the perfect size!

Can I figure out my pet’s size by its weight?

There are so many different kinds of breeds, making it is hard to determine what size your pet would be with only their weight.